The Final 8th Victory Lab
The Final 8th Victory Lab
Bridgit Dengel Gaspard

Welcome to The Final 8th Victory Lab

In life, there are contenders and victors. And they’re all driven by “Selves.”

About Us

The difference between being a contender or a victor is largely based on a process that makes space for all of who we are, our awareness of our own unique wisdom, and the support to take a deep dive to explore belief systems that are a barrier to victory. The truth is, you can’t take a victory lap, without doing the work.

The Final 8th Victory Lab is a private, online, membership-based community that picks up where The Final 8th Book & Masterclass Series and the Voice Dialogue Learning Lab left off. The lightly moderated group encourages engagement and further exploration of the Final 8th phenomenon, “Inner Selves”, and related commentary that supports personal development and overall well being. 

The Final 8th Victory Lab is intended to be a safe and creative space where we can continue to explore the many nuances of mindset, personal development, and overall wellness through sub-personality and The Final 8th philosophy and practice.

Why You Should Join Us

The first seven “Selves” got you oh so close, but you can’t take a victory lap without unpacking your own Final 8th phenomenon. There's nothing like the wisdom that awaits. It's a wildly rewarding, deep, inspirational dive. It's worth it, especially alongside a community invested in walking the talk.

A Big Thanks

At the heart of author Bridgit Dengel Gaspard’s commitment to the life-changing techniques and immersive therapies she teaches and practices is her devotion to accessible overall wellness, inspired by her mentors, Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone. A great big thanks to the "Selves" out there tackling life's challenges in their own unique way. We're excited to grow together with you.